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Урок английского языка в 5 классе

Цель урока: научиться составлять краткое резюме (fact file) Тип урока: урок обобщения и систематизации (урок общеметодологической направленности).

Конспект урока:

1.Организационный момент.

- Good morning, boys and girls!

 Let’s begin our lesson. Greet your face partners. Now your shoulder partners, our guests and me.

-How are you?

Teacher  -  I’m fine too. Sit down, please. I hope you are ready to work hard at the lesson. I believe the lesson will be interesting for you and you’ll enjoy it.

  1. Фонетическая зарядка.

Диск –интерактивные игры. Произнести названия животных за диктором.

По картинкам – за учителем.

  1. Постановка целей и задач.

First of all let`s remember all animals you know. Let’s solve a puzzle


What is the key word? Animals. So  the theme of the lesson… Animals.  As you guess today we’ll continue to talk about animals.

What will you do today? – do exercises, listen to the song, write about animals, read the texts. What is the aim of our lesson? And the aim of our lesson is to Write Fact file about an animal - Passport for an animal.

  1. Структура «Take off – touch down»


Take off who has got a dog? – Touch down. - Встаёт тот, у кого есть собака.- Садится.

Take off who has got a cat? - Touch down.- Встаёт тот, у кого есть кошка.- Садится.

Take off who has got a rabbit? - Touch down.- Встаёт тот, у кого есть кролик.- Садится.

Take off who has got other pets? - Touch down. -Встаёт тот, у кого есть другие питомцы.- Садится.

Take off who likes animals? - Touch down. Все любят животных, потому что они нам приносят пользу, мы с ними можем играть, и, конечно, мы должны заботиться о них.

  1. Актуализация знаний.

1)Please, guess the riddles. You have 5 min.Загадки на листочках, работают в группах.

Now let’s check your answers.

2)Teacher  -  Fill in the table: Parrot, monkey, dog, ant, giraffe, fish, cow, pig, lion, bee, horse, butterfly, hamster, ladybird, sheep, elephant

Farm animals

Zoo animals




















Teacher   -  Let`s listen to a song «Old MacDonald`s farm».

 Now you can tell us what animals you could see at old MacDonald`s farm.

Teacher  -  Now I`d like to know how well you know  animals.

  • Penguins live in _____.
  1. a) Africa b) Antarctica c) India
  • The tallest animal is _____. It is about 7 meters high.
  1. a) a monkey b) a koala c) a giraffe
  • Dolphins live in the _____.
  1. a) trees b) seas c) mountains
  • Snake is a ______ animal.
  1. a) domestic b) wild c) farm
  • This animal lives at home or in the street. It’s a man’s friend.
  1. a) It’s a dog. b) It’s a mouse. c) It’s an elephant.
  • This animal can be black, grey, white and red. It lives in the house. It can catch a grey mouse. It likes fish, meat and milk. It can run, jump and walk.
  1. a) It’s a snake. b) It’s a lion. c) It’s a cat.
  • _____ can walk 60 km a day carrying about 300 kilos.
  1. a) Camels b) Cats c) Penguins
  • Monkeys can’t ____ .
  1. a) climb b) run c) fly
  • The largest animal is ____ .
  1. a) a parrot b) a whale c) a bear
  • Elephant has got a ____ .
  1. trunk b) wings c) two heads


Teacher - Let`s talk about domestic animals. Match the sentences and read the dialogue.

1) Have you got a pet?                   c) Yes. I’ve got a horse.. 

2) What’s its name?                       a) Abby

3) What does it like to eat?             e) Grass and apples.

4) What is it like?                            b) Abby is big, kind and strong.

 5) What can it do?                          d) Abby likes to carry me.

Corners : farm, zoo, pets, insects

-отведите животное туда, где он живёт.

Find a pair and tell your partner about your animal. Если есть ошибки, объясните другу.

   Расскажите по схеме








Давайте послушаем про животного из каждого угла.

Тeacher. Синквейн

Teacher  -  What a pity but our time is up. You are wonderful children. It’s very good that you like animals and take care of them. None of us must ever forget that animals and birds are our friends! And we must take care of them!!! 

Write down your homework. Your home task is to draw your favourite animal, to write a passport for your favourite animal and tell us about it or to write a riddle.

Now the lesson is over. Thank you for your excellent work! Good-bye!




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