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Разработка урока-проекта по английскому языку

Тема:«Write a letter to Tiny» 3 класс

К учебнику «EnjoyEnglish» Биболетова М.З. Издательство «Титул»2010






Выполнил: учитель английского языка





                                 Г.Городец 2013

Aims  1 to promote better memorizing vocabulary;

to teach to describe someone’s appearance;

to teach to write a letter;

2 to develop oral speech;

to develop writing skills;

3to foster a sense of ownership working in groups;

       to bring up in children the sense of responsibility for a common aim.


I Beginning   1 Org.moment

T: Good morning boys and girls

                        2 Naming the aims of the lesson

T: Today my dear pupils our lesson is not usual. Today we have some guests. At  our lesson we will speak about our bodies, our appearance. We will meet Tiny and write a letter to him. I want you to do your best.

3 Phonetic drill.

T: So, children it’s time to practise English sounds

a)   Listen to me: Ten little fingers

Ten little toes

Ten little ears

And one little nose

Two little eyes

That shine so bright

One little   mouth

To kiss Mummy “Good night”

b)   Now  repeat after me:

II Reading

T: Children I want you to open your textbooks at p.101 and read a story about your friend ( a teacher shows a picture and asks a question)

T: What is his name? (Tiny, Good you are. You are right)

Let’s read a dialogue about Tiny

T: But before reading there is a task .Let’s read it.

Tasks: 1. Pay attention to the task before the text

          2. Read the dialogue to yourself.

          3. After: Ask a question

T: What interesting(new)  facts do you know about Tiny?

( Tiny is a gnome. He looks like a boy.He always smiles. He often plays jokes. He has a sweet tooth. He likes cakes, ice-cream, sweets, jam. He likes to ride scooter, roller skate)

III. Listening

T: Children you have read the text about Tiny and now it’s time to listen to it and do some tasks after listening.

1.   Listening

2.   Doing the tasks.

Task№1   Cards№1  Complete the sentences:

Tiny is……….. He lives in………….. He has…………….. Tiny has a sweet…………… He likes……………Tiny likes to…………

Task№2  Cards №2   Match the sentences:

1.   Who lives in a fairytale forest?

2.   Does Tiny like ice-cream?

3.   What does he like to do?

4.   Is he sad?

1.   No, he isn’t. He often plays jokes.

2.   He likes to ride his scooter.

3.   Yes, he does.

4.   Tiny does.

IV Relaxing

T: Let’s have a rest. Do all the actions after a robot. Lesson 53 Ex.2

V. Speaking

T: Children at home you drew beautiful pictures of funny characters. It was your hometask. Now show me your pictures. Oh, well done.They are perfect. ( Teacher takes the pictures and fix them on the blackboard_

Questions: Who has got a long nose? ( Buratino)

Who  has got a round face? (Kolobok)

                     Who has got blue eyes? ( Malvina)

                    Who has got big ears? ( Cheburashka)

VI. Writing

T: Children! Listen! Somebody is knocking the door! Who is there?( The teacher opens the door) Oh, children , it’s a postman. He brought a letter for us. ( The teacher shows a letter)

T: What’s this? ( Children : A letter!)

T: Yes? This letter is from Tiny. He writes us about himself. ( The teacher reads a letter)

The text.

Dear friends!

  My name is Tiny. I live in the English forest. I have got a lot of friends. They are funny. My face is not sad. It is nice. I have got two brown eyes. My nose is short. I have got big ears. My arms and legs are not long. My friends write me about you.

Bye. Tiny

T: Now children you will answer it. You will write a letter to Tiny. Choose any character you like best, that you have drawn at home and describe it.

Working in groups

VII. Summary: to read children’s letters (  children work  in groups and read their letters aloud, to choose the best work, to estimate)

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