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Сценарий спектакля "Белоснежка" на английском языке

Для 5-7 классов

В спектакле задействованы 8 учеников среднего школьного возраста. Легко готовятся красочные костюмы для гномов, а также платье для Белоснежки.

Narrator:  There lived a lovely little Princess named Snow-white. She had a vain and wicked stepmother who wanted to be the first in beauty.  Every day the vain Queen asked her magic Mirror if she was the fairest one of all. Magic Mirror said that she was, but one day…

 Queen:  Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?

Magic Mirror: You are very beautiful, my Queen, but look!  A lovely maid I see. Rags can’t hide her gentle grace. She’s more beautiful than you. Her name is Snow-white.

Queen:  Snow-white!.............Take her deep into the woods, find a dark place and kill her!

Hunter: But Your Majesty! She’s the Princess!

Queen: Hush! And bring me her heart in this casket!

Hunter: Yes, Your Majesty!


Narrator: So the Hunter took Snow-white into the forest, but he didn’t kill her. She was such a kind girl that everybody loved her greatly. The hunter asked the girl to hide in the forest and came back home saying the vain Queen that he had killed Snow-white.

Snow-white walked through the forest and found herself near a small house where seven little dwarfs lived. At that moment there was nobody home. Snow-white thought that some little children lived in the house because everything was tiny and untidy. She cleaned the rooms, washed the dishes and cooked some delicious food. She was tired and fell asleep. When she woke up the dwarfs had already come home and looked at her with surprise.




Snow-white: I’ve got such a good sleep. But where are the children?  Oh…you aren’t the children. You are small young men. You are dwarfs! How are you?

Grumpy: Hm… How we are! 

Snow-white: Oh, let me guess, who you are.  You are Doc, aren’t you?

Doc: Yes, I’m Doc, that’s true.

Snow-white: And you.. ..you are Bashful.

Bashful: Yes, I’m bashful a bit.

Snow-white: And you are probably Sleepy!   And you…?

Sneezy:   I’m…I’m…

Snow-white: But you are Sneezy!

Happy: And I’m Happy! And this is Dopey! He never speaks. I don’t know, but he never tried!

Snow-white: But you are probably Grumpy!

Happy: Oh, yes, it’s exactly so, she’s guessed!

Doc: So, she knows who we are, let’s learn who she is. Who are you and what are you doing here?

Snow-white: I’m Snow-white.

Doc: Snow-white? A princess? It can’t be true!

Happy: My dear Princess, we are so glad! It’s a great honour…

Grumpy: We aren’t glad! It’s awful.

Dopey: What do you want to say? What are you talking about? Don’t you think…

Grumpy: I’ll… I’ll get you something to cry about!

Doc: Shut up and get out!

Snow-white: Please, don’t quarrel! And don’t send me away! If you do she will kill me!

Bashful: Kill? Who?

 Snow-white: My stepmother, the Queen.

Sneezy: The Queen? Oh, yes, she is a horrible witch.

Grumpy: Be careful!  I’m warning you! If the Queen learns that Snow-white is here, she’ll come here at once and crush us.

Snow-white: But she doesn’t know where I am.

Happy: How can she learn that the Princess is here?

Grumpy: She knows everything! She has got a Magic mirror and it shows everything to her.  She can even appear here, in this room, any moment…

Snow-white: Oh, no! She’ll never find me here. Let me stay with you! I will do all the housework, wash, clean, cook…

Happy:  Can you bake an apple-pie?

Snow-white: Of course, I can cook different tasty things. I can bake both apple-pies and bilberry-pies.

Happy:  Bilberry-pies? It’s delicious! Let her stay!

Sneezy:  Soup! Soup! I’m the first!

Sleepy:  No, I’m the first!

Doc: Come on, let me be the first. Give me my spoon back!

(Dancing with their spoons)

Snow-white: Stop! Wait a minute! You must wash your hands first!

Bashful: Wash what?

Dopey: Wash what? I won’t wash anything! Why should we wash something? I can’t understand!

Snow-white: Let me see your hands! …Oh, it’s shocking!..  Oh, shame on you!... Oh, come on, wash your hands!

Doc: Oh, it’s wet! And cold!

Bashful:  Oh, it’s only for the Princess.

Sneezy: I think so, too.   Let’s be brave.

Grumpy: Come on, come on, do everything for her, nothing good, I warn you.

Sleepy: You begin!

Dopey: But how to wash? Only hands or up to elbows or how?

Doc: Let’s do it together: come on, let’s roll our sleeves up… take water into our hands and wash…. Pick up soap..   Now wash with water!

Grumpy: Yes, and next time she’ll make us tie our beards. I don’t want to wash! Oh, what are you doing? Leave me alone! You’ll not make me…

Doc: Give me the soap! Let’s clean and wash him!

Happy: Oh, look, he smells good now. He smells like a daffodil!

Grumpy: I’ll show you, you tyrants!

Snow-white:  Hey, dwarfs! Soup! Come here quickly!




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