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Глобальное потепление.

Конспект урока английского языка.

Тип урока: урок развития речевого умения. Цели: • развитие монологической речи учащихся с использованием новой лексики; • формирование целостного представления о мире, об общих проблемах, стоящих перед человечеством в XXI веке; • систематизация и обобщение знания учащихся по теме.

  1. LESSON PLAN «GLOBAL WARMING» Урок по теме «Глобальное потепление» (10-11 класс)

    Технологическая карта урока.

    Автор: Писарькова Е.А.

    Место работы, должность: г. Тверь, МОУ СОШ №20, учитель английского языка.

    Тема урока: Global warming (Глобальное потепление.)

    Класс: 10/11.             

    Тип урока: урок развития речевого умения.


    • развитие монологической речи учащихся с использованием новой лексики;
    • формирование целостного представления о мире, об общих проблемах, стоящих перед человечеством в XXI веке;
    • систематизация и обобщение знания учащихся по теме.

    Образовательные задачи

    • расширить кругозор по теме;
    • совершенствовать лексико-грамматические навыки по теме;
    • совершенствовать навыки аудирования и чтения с пониманием необходимой информации;

    Воспитательные задачи

    • поддерживать дух толерантности, принимая другие точки зрения;
    • формировать уважительное отношение к природе, бережливости; осознание роли человека во взаимодействии с природой;
    • формировать способность осознать экологические проблемы и желание помочь природе;
    • поддерживать других и быть к ним благожелательными.

    Развивающие задачи

    • способствовать развитию аналитического, критического, латерального мышления, через использования проблемных ситуаций ;
    • развивать умение работать в группе

    Оборудование урока: текст для чтения, видеозапись (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oBwFHFqE30),  мультимедийная презентация.  


    The nation that destroys its soil, destroys itself.
    Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    I Организационный момент. Постановка целей урока. (5 минут)

    Teacher. Dear boys and girls, I'm very glad to see you. I hope you are fine. So let's begin our lesson. Look at the epigraph of our lesson. What do you think about this quotation? Do you agree with it? Try to guess the topic of our today’s lesson. The subject of today’s discussion is very vivid. Today we are going to talk about the environmental problems and in particular, about global warming, its reasons and effects. In conclusion, we’ll try to find possible ways of solving some environmental problems.

    II Фонетическая разминка и проверка домашнего задания. (5 минут)

     (Было дано опережающее домашнее задание – найти определения на английском языке к словам, имеющим отношение к окружающей среде и экологическим проблемам)

    But first, I want to make sure you know the meaning of the words on the topic. Give words to the following definitions:

    -when types of animal no longer exist (extinction of animals),

    - reduction of the amount of ozone (ozone depletion),

    -  things that are not wanted, especially what remains after you have used something (wastes),

    - pieces of paper and other waste that are left in public places (litter),

    - a fuel such as coal or oil that is obtained from under the ground (fossil fuels),

    - electricity ​produced using wind ​turbines (wind power),

    - energy that uses the power of the sun (solar energy),

    - hydroelectric ​power (= the ​production of ​electricity by the ​force of ​fast ​moving ​water) (hydropower),

    - a place where the production of the energy is released when the nucleus (= central part) of an atom is divided (nuclear power station),

    - the air, land, and water where people, animals, and plants live (environment),

    - damage caused to water, air, etc by harmful substances or waste (pollution),

    - a group of plants or animals which share similar characteristics (species),

    - to put used paper, glass, plastic, etc through a process so that it can be used again (recycle),

    - when all the trees in a large area are cut down (deforestation),

    - eco-friendly package (green packaging),

    - a place where waste material is buried under the earth (landfill site),

    - poisonous (toxic),

    - when gas, heat, light, etc is sent out into the air, or an amount of gas, heat, light, etc that is sent out (emission),

    - the natural environment of an animal or plant (habitat),

    - animals, birds, and plants living in their natural environment (wildlife).

    III Основная часть  (25 минут).

    1)Актуализация знаний по теме.

    What environmental problems do you know? (проверка по схеме)

     What natural disasters do you know? (floods, volcanic eruptions, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami)

     2) Чтение текста с пониманием необходимой информации, решение поставленной проблемы. (10 минут)

    Today people speak a lot about  global warming and greenhouse effect. But is there any difference between these two concepts? Read the text and answer the questions after the text.

    Global Warming vs Greenhouse Effect 

    Global warming and greenhouse gases are two concepts that have been topics of heated discussion among environmentalists and those who are trying to save our planet from their detrimental effects. While these two concepts are intricately related like cause and effect, there are subtle differences that need to be highlighted for a better understanding of the readers.

    In the simplest of words, global warming takes place when the rays of Sun are trapped within the atmosphere of Earth because of emission of many greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. However, this explanation does not cover all the aspects and this is why we need to analyze the two terms closely. The fact of the matter is, greenhouse effect is not detrimental for us or the environment, and it is harmful only when it is in more than desirable amounts.

    Greenhouse effect

    Normally, the rays of sun coming down to earth are reflected back to outer space by the surface of the earth. Some of these reflected rays are trapped within the atmosphere surrounding earth by gases that make up earth’s atmosphere. This is known as greenhouse effect and is considered to be a natural and healthy phenomenon. The existence of this greenhouse effect is vital for maintaining life forms on earth. Had there been no greenhouse effect, earth would have become too cold to have any life.

    Though greenhouse effect is vitally important for us, too much of it can be harmful for us. This is because an enhanced greenhouse effect means higher average temperatures of the surface of earth which is not good for our ecosystem. There is a very thin and delicate balance that needs to be maintained as neither the absence nor too much of greenhouse effect is good for life on earth.

    Global warming

    The average rise in temperature of earth’s surface over the last 50 years is termed as global warming. Now this global warming is a cumulative effect of many factors such as deforestation, pollution, burning of fossil fuels, and of course greenhouse effect that has been under the scrutiny of the entire world, especially the western world that has been blaming poor countries for higher emission levels of carbon dioxide and methane gases.

    Global warming is not a natural phenomenon and has to do with the activities of mankind. This is why there have been so many conferences and summits between nations to come to terms with this problem. Industrialization process inevitably leads to global warming as to meet the growing energy demands of developing nations.

    If we talk about differences between these two closely related concepts, it is clear that one leads to another though there are other many reasons for global warming. However, in comparison to other reasons, it is greenhouse effect that has hogged the limelight in recent years.

    1)How are the two concepts related?

    2)Is greenhouse effect harmful for the environment?

    3)What greenhouse gases do you know?

    4)What happens to the rays of sun which come down  to the earth?

    5)What would happen if there were no greenhouse effect?

    6)What balance is important for the life on earth?

    7)What factors lead to global warming?

    8)During what period of time does global warming take place?

    9)Is global warming a natural phenomenon?

    10)What is the difference between global warming and greenhouse effect? (While greenhouse effect pertains to increased concentration of gases within the atmosphere of earth, global warming is the average rise in temperature near the surface of the earth. Global warming is a slow and consistent increase in temperature in the last 10 years, whereas greenhouse effect is faster in comparison) 

    3)Аудирование с пониманием необходимой информации с опорой на видеоряд. (15 минут)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oBwFHFqE30

    A very important problem connected with global warming is melting of glaciers. This process has been under increased scrutiny of scientists all over the world and there are a lot of reliable data about it. Watch the video and answer the questions (you can write down the answers while watching)  

    1)How much drinkable water do glaciers and mountain caps contain?

    2)Where are the biggest glaciers situated and how quickly do they melt?

    3)How has the sea level risen during the last 100 years?

    4)What will have happened by the year of 2100 according to the forecasts?

    5)What are the effects of melting glaciers and mountain caps?

    IV Выполнение задания в группах, подведение итогов. (10 минут):

    In groups: discuss and answer the questions – How do humans contribute to the global warming? / What are the effects of global warming? / What can we do to reduce global warming?

    Дается 5 минут на обсуждение в группах, затем отвечают, учитель пказывает презентацию, дополняя и систематизируя ответы учащихся.

    Do you agree that the topic of “Global warming” is extremely vital and urgent nowadays? Does it demand our close attention? Do you agree that people all over the world should unite and do something about it before it’s too late? So, our homework is connected with the topic of our lesson.

    V Домашнее задание и оценки за урок. (5 миннут)

     Home assignment: Speak about global warming (its definition, reasons, evidence, effects, how people contribute to it and how we can reduce it).


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