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29 марта 2013 года в основном здании Московского Института Открытого Образования прошел I тур городского конкурса проектов на английском языке - Финальный этап конкурса «МОЯ ЛЮБИМАЯ КНИГА». На Финальном этапе конкурса участники должны были выступить с презентацией по прочитанной книге и придумать к ней продолжение. Ученица 8 «В» класса ГБОУ СОШ №1273 города Москвы Потепалова Ольга подготовила выступление с презентацией “Sherlock Holmes- short stories to be continued”, стала призером и получила Диплом призера городского этапа конкурса «Моя Любимая книга». Руководитель проекта учитель английского языка ГБОУ СОШ № 1273 Черных Елена Александровна получила Благодарность за подготовку призера I тура городского конкурса проектов на английском языке. Оценивало выступления участников финального тура компетентное жюри, в состав которого входили методисты Российского Представительства Издательства Pearson, представители Московского института открытого образования, а также учителя английского языка московских школ.

Sherlock Holmes Short Stories Book

The book “Sherlock Holmes Short Stories” contains six stories about the great detective.

One day, a few months after our adventures ended, I visited Sherlock Holmes. He was sitting in the armchair and smoking his pipe. It was one of the days when he had nothing to do, the days that he hated.

- Ah! It’s you, Watson! – he said, getting up and shaking my hand, - It’s very nice of you to visit me exactly today, because I am so bored.

-I have no patients today and there aren’t any tangled crimes in the newspapers, so I made a logical conclusion that you would like to have a talk.

-You haven’t forgotten my deductive method, have you, my friend?

We sat down in the armchairs, but we didn’t say a word.

Each of us was recalling the old days, when we were solving the strangest and the most mysterious crimes of our time.
Then we were sitting in these armchairs and discussing one of the murders that Holmes had disentangled with his brilliant mind. At last he said:

-I think I am getting old.
- What? What do you mean?

-My dear Watson! The progress is going too fast for me. I can’t keep up with the new technologies, but the criminals can. I need an apprentice, a young man with a spotless mind who could continue using my method.

As soon as he finished talking, Mrs. Hudson came into the room.

- There is a young lady there, sir, - she wants to see you.

A young lady entered the room. She had a very serious face.

-You must be Mr. Sherlock Holmes! – she said, - and you I guess, Mr. Watson! I am Jane Lightman. I’m very pleased to meet you, gentlemen.

-We are pleased to meet you, too, - Holmes stood up to greet her. – How can we help you, Miss Lightman?

-I’ve read Mr. Watson’s stories and I was hoping that you could teach me a little of your deductive method.
-I’d gladly teach a lady like you, but I have to warn you: the profession of a detective is dangerous.
-I’m afraid neither of blood nor of mean people.

-This is good. I think we could start our lessons tomorrow.

-Agreed. Goodbye, Mr. Holmes.

-Goodbye, Miss Lightman.

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