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A DIRTHDAY PARTY (День именинника)

Разработка праздника "День именинника" является внеклассным мероприятием по английскому языку для учащихся 10-11 лет, в ходе подготовки которого дети повторяют изученное, учатся рассказывать стихи; в ходе праздника дети слушают рассказы, отгадывают загадки, используют формулы речевого этикета.

                             A  BIRTHDAY  PARTY


Разработка праздника на английском языке «День именинника».


Педагог дополнительного образования МАОУ ДОД  ЦДТ «Детство» г. Пермь

Жарикова Едена Аркадьевна.



  • обобщить знания детей о природе и погоде каждого времени года;
  • развивать аудирование, практиковать в выразительном чтении стихов и монологов;
  • закрепить употребление фраз «Happy birthday to you!”, “My birthday is on the 5th of September”;
  • развивать артистические способности детей.



·        украшение зала плакатами с юмористическими надписями по теме «День рождения»; надувными шарами;

·        картинки по теме «Времена года»;

·        музыка;

·        аудиозапись песни “Happy birthday”.


Ход праздника.

Teacher: Dear parents and children!

Today we are having a birthday party. As you know a birthday party is a favourite holiday of the year for everybody. On this day we are loved by our dearest and nearest.

We dance, sing, play games. In short we have fun and enjoy ourselves. And of course we get presents. And we remember every minute of such a party for a whole year. I hope that you’ll also remember today’s party for long.


Уважаемые дети и родители! Сегодня у нас День именинника! Для каждого ребенка День рождения – самый радостный праздник года. В этот день дети чувствуют особую любовь родных и близких. В этот день дети развлекаются, поют и танцуют, играют и получают подарки. И долго о нем помнят. И я надеюсь, что и сегодняшний вечер вы будете помнить долго.


P1 - вступительное слово.


It’s birthday time, birthday time –

Time for games and time for toys,

Time for happy girls and boys,

Time for cake and presents, too,

Time for laugh and say “Thank you”.


P2: It is autumn. Autumn is the tastiest season of the year. We eat a lot fruits and vegetables. We begin to go to school on the 1st of September.

At the beginning of autumn the weather is fine. Everything is bright and beautiful. We like to walk on the fallen leaves. But at the end of September the weather changes. It is cold, rainy and windy. It often rains. And in November the first snowflakes appear and we put on warm clothes.


P3: Poem “Autumn”.


Teacher: Guess the riddle!

What is it?

This is the season when days are cool;

When we eat apples and go to school.


Выходят именинники, называют дату своего рождения по-английски. Дети из зала высказывают пожелания. Звучит песня. Вручаются подарки.


P4: Winter is the coldest season. Strong wind blows. The sky is usually gray. It often snows. But the children like winter. They have fun – they ski, skate and sledge a lot. And of course they have winter holidays. In winter we celebrate our favourite holidays – New Year and Christmas. We enjoy ourselves greatly.


P5 – reads a poem about winter.


Teacher: Guess the riddle. Who is he?

He comes at night

(or so they say).

Then does his job

And goes away. (Santa Clаus, Father Frost)/


Поздравление зимних именинников.


P6: Sping comes after winter. It is a fine season. The weather is warm. The sun shines brightly, the snow melts. The first green leaves appear in the trees. Birds come from the south and sing their songs. Children spend much time outdoors. They play hopscotch and ride a bike.


P7: Spring is coming, I can feel it,

      How soft is morning air!

      Birds are singing, bugs are peeping,

      Life and joy are everywhere.


Teacher: guess the riddle.


What rises in the morning

And sets in the evening? (the sun)


What appears in the evening

And disappears in the morning? (the moon)


Поздравление весенних именинников.


P8: Summer is the hottest season. The sun is brightly. The sky is blue. Everything is bright. Children don’t go to school. We go to the south, to the river, to the forest. We lie in the sun and swim a lot. We pick berries and mushrooms. We go to the summer camps and make friends.


P9: poem about summer.


Teacher:  Guess the riddle! What  is it?

I have many leaves

But I’m not a tree:

I’m something nice

Come and reed me.  (a book)


Поздравление летних именинников.


Teacher: Now you’ll see a short concert.

The poem by R. Burns “My heart is in the Highlands”.

And now we’ll enjoy the play “ Pierre”.

Games and songs.




















































                                        ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ 1.

Поздравления ребят друг другу.

·        Many happy returns of the day!

·        Happy birthday to you, Ann!

·        I wish you to be happy (nice, smart, healthy).



                                            ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ 2.

        Стихи о временах года.



A snowman.


Come to the garden

And play in the snow,

Make a white snowman

And help him to grow.


“What a nice snowman!”

The children will say.

“What a fine game

For a cold winter day”.






Spring is coming, I can feel it,

How soft is the morning air!

Birds are singing, bugs are peeping,

Life and joy are everywhere.


Spring, spring, spring!

The trees are green

Blue skies are seen.

Grey winter’s gone away

The world looks new and gay.




A summer day.


Come, my children, come away

For the sun shines brightly today;

Little children, come with me,

Birds and brooks and flowers see;

Get your hats and come away,

For it is a pleasant day.

Let us make a merry sing.

Talk and laugh and dance and sing!

Quickly, quickly come away

For it is a pleasant day.



Summer, summer, summer!

The sun is shining,

The flowers are blooming,

The sky is blue,

The rains are few.





Autumn, autumn, autumn!

The summer is over.

The trees are bare,

There’s mist in the garden

And frost in the air.


“Come, little leaves”

Says the wind one day.

“Come over the meadows

With me to play.

Put on your dresses

Of red and gold,

For summer is gone

And the days are cold”.



                                   ПРИЛОЖЕНИЕ 3.

Надписи-поздравления на плакатах.

                                   Birthday wishes.


This wish for a Happy Birthday

It’s warm and friendly, too.

And it holds that special feeling

I always have for you.


Birthdays are a lot of fun –

Hope you have a happy one!


Lots of wishes, hugs and kisses!


Warmest birthday wishes!


Wishing yoy a very Happy Birthday

And Many Happy Returns of the day!



Have a monstrously

Good time for your



Wishing you a wonderful day

And a year filled with smiles!




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