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Проект "Медведково" туристический-путеводитель. (5-6 класс).

Project: “Welcome to Medvedkovo” The project goal: to create the guidebook The class textbook :English 5, I.N. Vereshchagina. This project was designed by 5th class. The project compromises the last six lessons of the semester. “Tourism is very popular nowadays and visitors want to see new interesting places! So we offer them to know more about the sights in Moscow. Medvedkovo is one of the historical regions in Moscow. The prince Dmitry Pozharsky was the owner of these lands and it was a favourite place of imperial hunting. We advise tourist: • to visit Pokrova Presvjatoj Bogoroditsy's temple,which was build in 1635; • to have a rest near one of the largest inflows of the Moskva River, the Jauza River; • to buy presents in one of the biggest factories in Russia, leather factory "Medvedkovo" We also asked our schoolmates questions, where they like spending their free time and described them in our guidebook. We’ve collected all the information about Medvedkovo, translated it into English and designed electronic version of guidebook for tourists”.



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