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Сценарий занятия по внеурочной деятельности "Белоснежка и семь гномов" (на английском языке)

Сценарий спектакля на английском языке для третьего класса

Методическая разработка сценария спектакля на английском языке. Предназначена для обучающихся 3-4 класса.

Внеурочное занятие по английскому языку в третьем классе «Белоснежка и семь гномов» (постановка сказки)

Учитель английского языка

Петухова Марина Владимировна

Тема: Постановка сказки «Белоснежка и семь гномов»

Форма проведения занятия - спектакль

Цель занятия - создание условий для интеллектуального развития ребенка и формирования его коммуникативных и социальных навыков через игровую и проектную деятельность посредством английского языка,


- Познакомить детей c культурой стран изучаемого языка;

- способствовать более раннему приобщению младших школьников к новому для них языковому миру и осознанию ими иностранного языка как инструмента познания мира и средства общения;

- способствовать удовлетворению личных познавательных интересов.

- Развивать мотивацию к дальнейшему овладению английским языком и культурой;

развивать учебные умения и формировать у учащихся рациональные приемы овладения иностранным языком;

- приобщить детей к новому социальному опыту за счет расширения спектра проигрываемых социальных ролей в игровых ситуациях;

- формировать у детей готовность к общению на иностранном языке;

- развивать технику речи, артикуляцию, интонации.

- развивать двигательные способности детей  через драматизацию.

- познакомить с основами актерского мастерства и научить держаться на сцене.

- Способствовать воспитанию толерантности и уважения к другой культуре;

- приобщать к общечеловеческим ценностям;

- способствовать воспитанию личностных качеств (умение работать в сотрудничестве с другими; коммуникабельность, уважение к себе и другим, личная и взаимная ответственность);





1.Snow White

2.Mother Queen


4.Seven Dwarfs

5.The Royal Gamekeeper

  1. Prince

7.The mirror

  1. Narrator

                                                          ACT 1.

(The Queen’s room. She is sitting in an armchair near the window and sewing).

NARRATOR: Once upon a time, many years ago a Queen was quietly sewing. It was the middle of winter. Outside the snow was gently falling. It had been snowing for several weeks and       the sky was still heavy with more snow. The Earth was like a huge white blanket with only the stark bare trees reaching up towards the sky.

(The Queen looked out of the window at the wintery scene.)

MOTHER QUEEN: How beautiful and still. The snow is so clean and white and the trees are so dark. (The Queen turned from the window and picked up her sewing once more. Suddenly she pricked her finger. Tears came into the Queen’s eyes).

MOTER QUEEN (to the audience): Oh, I wish that I had a daughter of my own with skin as white as snow, with hair as black as ebony and cheeks as red as a blood. (She is leaving the room).


ACT 2.


NARRATOR: Time went by and the Queen’s wish came true. She had a daughter with skin as white as snow, hair the colour of ebony and rosy cheeks. Her name was Snow White.

     But soon the Queen died and the King married again. The new Queen was a Witch. She had a magic mirror. She usually asked…

QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall,

                Among the ladies in this land

                Who is the fairest of them all?

THE MIRROR: Young Queen, young Queen,

                            Among the ladies in this land

                            You’re the fairest and most grand.

NARRATOR: That pleased the Queen very much. But soon Snow White grew up and became very beautiful. And then one day the Queen asked:

QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall

                Among the ladies in this land

                Who is the fairest of them all?

The mirror: Young Queen, young Queen,

                    Among the ladies in this land

                     You’re very-very nice

                     But Snow White is more beautiful than you.

QUEEN: (angrily): I must get rid of her! She must die! (She rings the bell. The Royal Gamekeeper comes in). Enter. I have a very important task for you. Take my stepdaughter, Snow White, far into the forest and there you will kill her. I’ll give you a bag of gold.

THE GAMEKEEPER (was disturbed. He liked Snow White very much, but he knew he dared not disobey his Queen’s orders): But Your Majesty...

QUEEN: Don’t argue with me!

THE GAMEKEEPER: All right, I’ll do that.


ACT 3.


(Snow White is picking wild flowers near the edge of the forest The Gamekeeper tiptoes up behind and grabs her by the arm).

THE GAMEKEEPER: Come with me!

(Snow White became frightened and began crying. She pleaded with him.)

SNOW WHITE: Please, tell me what has happened, what have I done wrong? Where are you taking me?

THE GAMEKEEPER: You have offended your stepmother. She has ordered that you will die.

We have come far enough. (He pulled out a long knife from his belt. Snow White fell to her knees and put up her hands together).

SNOW WHITE: Don’t kill me, please. Take my gold ring and let me go. I’ll never return home, I promise you.

THE GAMEKEEPER (He looked down at her beautiful face and felt sorry for her. Then he put the knife back into his belt): Go! Far away, never to return. From now everyone will think you are dead.

(Snow White runs away).

THE GAMEKEEPER (to the audience): She will not survive the forest’s wild animals. Poor girl.


ACT 4.

SNOW WHITE: Oh, I’m so tired. I want to sleep so much.

(Snow White was tired. She was lost and frightened. She sat down under a large tree and fell fast asleep.  The animals of the forest came to look at her but left her to sleep peacefully. Soon the dawn had broken and the first light of a day began to peer through the trees. Snow White awoke and looked around her).

SNOW WHITE: I must go…( Suddenly she came upon a cottage). But what is it? Is it a cottage? (She gently knocked on the door. There was no answer. She slowly pushed the door and entered the cottage.

The cottage was neatly laid out. The table was set with seven plates, seven knives and seven forks. There were seven chairs placed around the table. In another room were seven small beds, spaced neatly side by side.

She set on one of the beds for a moment, but it was so comfortable that she fell fast asleep).


ACT 5.

(Snow White was suddenly startled. Outside she heard banging and the sound of a song. She became frightened. Then through the door appeared Seven Dwarfs.)

SNOW WHITE: Good evening. I know I shouldn’t be here, but…


-Good evening, pretty girl.

-Come, come, my dear. We will not hurt you.

-What is your name?

-Where have you come from?

-Why did you come to the forest?

-Why are you alone?

-There is nothing around here for miles, only the forest and the mountains.

(They sat around her on the floor with legs crossed). Tell us, please.

(Snow White sat down and brushed the tears from her cheeks.)

SNOW WHITE: My name is Snow White. I came here because my stepmother is a witch and she wanted to kill me.

SEVEN DWARFS: Poor girl! Come, stay with us.

SNOW WHIT (happily): You are very kind. In return for your kindness I shall look after the cottage. I will keep it clean and neat and cook all your meals.


ACT 6.

(Meanwhile, the Queen, feeling pleased with herself, asked the mirror).

QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall

                Among the ladies in this land

                Who is the fairest of them all?

THE MIRROR: Young Queen, Young Queen,

                           Among the ladies in this land

                            You’re very, very nice.

                             But Snow White is more beautiful than you.

QUEEN (in anger and range): I’ll find and kill the Princess! I’ll give her an apple filled with poison and she will die! (She put her black coat and ran away).


ACT 7.


 (Seven Dwarfs set out for work but warned Snow White to be wary of strangers  knocking on the door).

SEVEN DWARFS: We’re going out for work. Be wary of strangers knocking on the door.

SNOW WHITE: Good bye! I’ll wait for you.

(The Queen approached the cottage and knocked on the door.)

SNOW WHITE: Who’s that?

QUEEN: May I come in?

SNOW WHITE: I’m sorry, but I must not let you in.

QUEEN: Never mind. I’m a poor woman. Can you give me some meat and bread?

SNOW WHITE: Of course, I can.

QUEEN: Thank you very much. You are a very good girl. And these apples are for you. Would you like to taste them?

SNOW WHITE (takes an apple): Thank you. Oh! It looks delicious. I want to taste it… Oh! (She falls on the floor. Her hand with an apple is near her mouth.)

QUEEN (happily): Now she is dead! And I’m the only most beautiful and most fairest lady in the land! (She runs away.)


ACT 8.

(The Seven Dwarfs returned home and found Snow White lying on the floor. They were terribly unhappy.)

SEVEN DWARFS: Poor Snow White. You still look beautiful. We don’t believe you’re dead. Let’s make a glass coffin and put her into it. We can watch over her each day.


ACT 9.


NARRATOR: The Queen was delighted. She knew that at last Snow White was dead. She asked the mirror…

QUEEN: Oh, mirror, mirror on the wall,

                Among the ladies in this land

                Who is the fairest of them all?

THE MIRROR: Young Queen, Young Queen,

                           Among the ladies in this land

                           You’re the fairest and most grand.

NARRATOR: Several years went by until one day a Prince riding through the forest saw a glass coffin. He saw Snow White and fell in love with her instantly.



ACT 10.

PRINCE: Oh, pretty girl! You are so beautiful! I love so much! (He kissed Snow White and at that moment an apple fell from her hand. She opened her eyes and stand up looking about her in surprise.)

PRINCE: Dear Snow White! You are so beautiful! I love you so much! Would you like to e my bride?

SNOW WHITE (fell in love with him at once and agreed to become his bride): Oh, my dear Prince! You are so handsome, brave and kind! I love you, I’ll be your bride.

(The Seven Dwarfs are very happy and dance around them with joy).


ACT 11.

QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall

               Among the ladies in this land

               Who is the fairest of them all?

THE MIRROR: The Queen was so beautiful,

                           She was most grand,

                            But Snow White now reigns

                            Supreme in all the lands.

QUEEN: Oh!... (falls down).

NARRATOR: The shock was too much for the Queen. She fell to the floor and died.

Snow White and the Prince lived happily ever after.


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