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International summer camps: luxury or necessity

летние языковые лагеря для школьников зарубежом

точка зрения на вопрос изучения иностранного языка (англ.яз) в зарубежных летних лагерях. Насколько цель оправдывает затраты и средства.

International language camps: luxury or necessity?

As long as parents have kids, the question of choosing a summer camp will always be the  question of the hour. Russian parents are not the exception.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990s, the understanding of importance of language skills and the growing popularity of English on the former territory of the USSR, international language camps have become an extremely popular destination to spend 2-3 weeks in summer learning and improving the language.

The open borders of a former closed for travelling abroad country were open and well off families started sending their kids abroad pursuing several goals: first of all, they showed their ability to afford the costs of an international summer camp. Secondly, it was the understanding that education costs money and the third reason was the belief that after having taken a language course abroad their kids would have more opportunities to broaden the horizons and change the way of thinking in a new born country, which was impossible for their parents even to dream about living in the USSR.

My personal experience of a group leader shows that in mid 2000s besides the kids of rich families, for whom any trip abroad was considered as luxury, a different group of students appeared, whose families had to save in order to afford studies in an international camp entirely understanding that such trips are a necessity. What pleasure it was to work with such kids! Talented, sensible, wishing to see and learn a lot, having a goal in their lives!

Instead of a conclusion I’d like to underline that in spite of different social and financial backgrounds, both groups of students have to learn such things as being a team, showing respect for every member of a group, cooperating mutually and beneficially with foreigners, improving language skills, learning the international ways to behave in a different culture and a lot of other vitally important things independently on an amount of money in their parents’ pockets. And that is the most valuable experience every person can gain whether it’s luxury or necessity.




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