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Тест разработан для проведения контроля усвоения лексического материала по теме "Устойчивые речевые обороты. Коммуникация." на базе учебника Gateway C1


Gateway C1_Unit 5_ Collocations Communication


Task  № 1 Give it a name and translate:




Russian equivalent


The way a person is speaking to someone, how you sound when you say words out loud




 To speak quietly and in a way that is not clear so that the words are difficult to understand (v.)




Keep in touch




Not clear in meaning; smth that is stated in a way that is general and not specific, not explained fully (adj.)




Having the same opinion




The distinction of being able to see the other party or parties in a conversation. It allows for a better exchange of information since both speaker and listener are able to see and interpret body language and facial expressions.





As loudly as one can




A gentle suggestion about something that is made in an indirect way (phr.)




(of a person or remark) Uncompromisingly forthright




To express a thought, feeling, or idea of yours so that it is understood by other people (v.)




Means of sending messages, orders, etc., including telephone, telegraph, radio, and television





To speak more quietly





A failure to exchange information, resulting in a lack of communication





Having or expressing more than one possible meaning, sometimes intentionally (adj.)




Task  2  Give a synonym:

  • Hear someone say - ___________________________________________
  • Vocally protest - ______________________________________________
  • Tell smb what you think - __________________________________
  • Be honest - _____________________________________________________
  • Tell the difference - ____________________________________________
  • Give your opinion - ___________________________________________
  • Fear of saying the wrong thing - ______________________________
  • Hate to say - ___________________________________________________
  • Almost say -_____________________________________________________
  • Be silent - _______________________________________________________
  • Be right - ________________________________________________________
  • (Not) speaking to each other - _____________________________



Task  № 3 Complete the sentences with the options in bold from ex. 1 and ex. 2  (there are two extra options and  one of the options gets repeated) :


  • By and large I'm all for the right to ________________________ and give your opinion as long as it's of worth and not just some vain criticism thrown out for the sake of it
  • My boss was very _________________________ in saying that he didn't think I was doing a very good job.
  • I _____________________________  this, but I thinkyou’ve probably lost your money.
  • Let us be united and ____________________________________ on the issue.
  • At the individual level, it is also important to remember the responsibility of each individual citizen to ________________________________ human rights violations.
  • It was a terrible____________________________ between Anthony and his colleagues.
  • He said he asked one player what he hoped to accomplish, and the player offered only  a (an) __________________________ in response and didn’t clarify anything to him.
  • If your question was less ______________________________, I could better answer it.
  • We had an argument, but we’re back ________ _____________ ________________ now.
  • I happened to __________________________________your little talk with your parents.




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