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Welcome to Malahide!

In this article I want to tell about my educational journey abroad. I spent two weeks in hospitable and at the same time mysterious Ireland where I had an opportunity to study at the Irish College of English, learn a lot of new information about Irish people, their traditions and lifestyle.

But my virtual meeting with Ireland began before my visiting to this country. Everything was interested to me: their weather, lifestyle and, even, farm products costs. I was sitting in front of my computer and exploring local people’s interests, their free time spending and places of visits.

At last on the 11th of August I found myself on Moscow-Dublin board with other 150 lucky passengers. I want to say that I had a pleasant four-hour flight. I liked the flight atmosphere and the service. I tried to listen to English talking and enter into English conversation with passengers. I felt a yearning for a speaking in English.

In Dublin airport I was met by transferor David who drove me to Malahide, a charming seaside town situated along a beautiful stretch of Dublin’s coastline. During my visit to this country I stayed and studied in this town. Malahide is famous for its vitality. A village stroll reveals a great choice of dining, entertainment and shopping experiences. There are many fashionable pubs, coffee shops and a wide range of shopping. Malahide has a large Marina as well as the estuary. They have sailing clubs and watersports schools that include dinghy sailing, windsurf and kayaking. Also I was admired greatness and beauty of Malahide Castle and Demesne. This castle was built in the 12th Century by the Talbot family, who remained in residence until 1975. There are many period rooms on view and the castle contains the National Gallery of Ireland. The Demesne has pleasant walks, play and picnic areas, a cricket pitch, tennis courts. Also within Malahide Demesne lie the Talbot Botanic Gardens, home to over 5.000 different species of plants. I want to add that also I had a chance to go sightseeing in Dublin, Howth, Swords, Poprtmarnock. All these towns are situated on the Irish seacoast. That’s why I used to walk along the seafront, admiring the sea and land scenery and having chats with local people. I want to point out that Irish are very friendly and hospitable and listened with great interest as I told them about Russia and its multinational culture. Local people don’t seem to hurry: once I asked a woman to show me the way, and we ended up our talking for an hour.

I want to remember the story that happened to me during my staying in Ireland. One morning I was walking on Howth, Cliffs. But it was necessary for me to come back before 1 pm for my classes. I took a taxi. When the taxi driver left me near the Howth Station, I realized that I had forgotten my camera in the car. I was in panic and began to cry. I remembered all my lost photos. But the passer said to me not to worry and stay there. He added that this passer exactly would come back. I was so grateful and surprised when he returned after ten minutes with my camera.

The main aim of my visit was to study at the Irish College of English to improve my language skills. This school’s mission statement is “Quality Education in a relaxed and friendly environment”. That’s why Irish College of English is very popular among Italian, German and Spanish students. While there I had a chance to communicate in English with people from different countries and to clear up grammar issues I was not confident of. I became much attached to my teacher Tim Casey and my classmates. I was very glad to get new friends who I hope to stay in touch with.

I want to say some words about my host family. Mrs. Orla O’Toole, lady of the house, was a teacher as me. That’s why we often discussed about differences and peculiarities of Russian and Irish educational system. I was interested in everything: family traditions, interests, housekeeping, child-rearing, relationships between friends and colleagues. Due to a high living standards, Irish families have three or four, even, five children. My host family has three daughters. It was very useful for me to talk with them about children’s books, films and games. The Irish English was clear to me. We understood each other well.

In conclusion I want to say, I will always remember Ireland, friendly and noble Irishmen, the beautiful coastline and picturesque villages. I am sure that new knowledge and experience gained during my visit to Ireland will be useful to me as EL teacher.

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