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Sensational results

Sensational results on fluid inclusions in ultralow-temperature (ULT) metamorphic rocks: The role of C2H5OH and ice in subduction zones

1Daniels, J., 1Fiddich, G., 2Beam, J.

1Department of Mineralogy, Research Group on alcohol under ULP metamorphic conditions, 4711 Lochnagar, Highland Street 7, Scotland
2Department of Advanced Geoalcohology, 526 Happy Malt Road, Clermont, Kentucky 40110, USA

A lawsonite-glaucophane-MgMgAl-pumpellyite-topaz-OH-schist forming bottle-like lenses in orthogneiss host rocks was discovered by Vino et al. (1899) in the Caledonian Scottish Highlands. First petrological studies (Black & White, 2014)……

Black, F., White, G. (2014) Drunk from working on lawsonite-bearing schists from the Scottish Caledonides: first record, PT-path and consequences. American Alcohologist 27:556-568.
Vino, I.M, Rednosed, U.R., Enough, I.S. (1899) Bottle-like lenses of topaz-bearing schists in orthogneiss. Journal of Irreproducible Results 21:511-527.

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